Kindlian is a cool add-on for your Kindle.
It's a desktop app that allows to view and manage Kindle books and collections.

(Setup file size: 7.5 Mb)  

Note: It works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and supports Kindle 3, 4, 5, Touch, Paperwhite

Create a beautiful
Kindle e-Library

When you launch Kindlian, it scans your Kindle, parses book metadata and displays a beautiful e-library. You can select among different layouts: Table view, suitable for managing books; List View, suitable for viewing book ratings and descriptions; Thumb View, perfect for displaying book covers. You can quickly sort and search books in any view.

Update book titles, authors, covers and descriptions

Manage books on Kindle
Kindlian can help you not only to add and delete books from Kindle, but also to edit book metadata. Thanks to Google Images integration you can easily update book covers from the Internet. You can also add and edit book titles, authors, publishers and descriptions. So your book lists on Kindle will be displayed and sorted correctly.

Manage Kindle

Kindle Collection Manager
Kindlian is a kindle collection manager that allows you to group books (create collections) by any parameter: author, genre, file extension, publisher, series, etc. You can easily move and copy books between collections with mouse drag and drop. Collections structure will be synced back to Kindle, so your books on Kindle will be well-organized.